2015  |  Web, UX, Print, Graphic, Photography 



i created a brand identity for personal marketing of my design skills and projects. the pack consists of a responsive website (you're on it!), a project sample book, business cards and a resume. I completed all photography, graphic, print and web design.

Designing and presenting this project presented challenges and opportunities to further my skills in graphic design for print and web. The resume design was the driver of the brand - as this document would be printed many times for distribution I needed to balance cost-effective printing with design impact, whilst keeping focus on content. Black and white blocks of text and simple yet considered typography are the main visual elements. The use of negative space keeps info feeling uncluttered on the page and individual text blocks allow the reader to find specific information easily.

The aesthetic was carried through to my website (now in its third iteration) and business cards. Business card printing services charge no extra for colour printing or different images, so I used this opportunity to showcase a range of work on the backs. Throughout this identity project, ideation and experimentation in the form of sketching, wire-framing, inking, and physical/digital manipulation informed brand/logo design options.