2013  |  Digital Materials, SLS Acrylic Polymer, Hydraulics, Arduino



Follicle is a physical technology development aimed at application in responsive, kinetic architecture surfaces. The aim was to develop a living organism that can sense and respond to both its inhabitants and the surrounding environment, providing a sensitive interface between man and nature.

This work examines the cross-over between biological functions and designed mechanics as synthetic anatomy, through the possibilities offered by multi-material 3d-printing. By studying how particular parts of the human body function components are designed to function as small muscles when under hydraulic/pneumatic pressure.

The aim is to push the typology of 'mechanics' or articulating objects to a point where a complexity of moving parts such as gears, axles and motors are not required;  but where the density of the structure is designed as a whole, with relationships between form, mass, stiffness and region optimised for a resulting kinetic output.

This is an ongoing investigation.