2012  |  Wellington, New Zealand [concept]



Some musicians play fewer notes than you actually hear. They play in such a way, controlling space so that your mind fills in the gaps. Negative space possesses impact. It is not an absence of content. A non-material element that deserves as much focus as the solid.

The existing site and context were drivers of the form and program of the new music school. Fragmented building forms create a negative spatial reading - typical of metropolitan Wellington’s tightly built city blocks, with complex arrangements of back alleys and void allowing both private and public users to pass through the site. 

Rather than demolish all existing brick/concrete buildings on the site and fill it with a solid monolith, the design intent was to weave a new structure around and with them, leaving as much open space as possible to allow public pedestrians to use the site as a thoroughfare between the CBD's two main streets and as a space for live performances.  

Private spaces such as educational areas and offices are internal within the new form and old buildings, public performance spaces become the void or spaces in between.