2014  |  Cast GFRC, Lasercut Ply, Computer Gaming, Mobile, Software Communication


Balance board that functions as a game controller via integration of a mobile phone + app. Designed to connect the physiotherapist/trainer to the patient via the use of custom designed and assignable computer games, while encouraging engagement by gamifying previously dull physical therapy routines.

Use your smartphone to bring the excitement of games to balance training. Install the app and wirelessly connect to your computer, play games, track your progress, and enjoy. Statistics for Physiotherapy - Tilt measures player’s movements in-game, mapping their balance. Track a player’s progress and dig deeper for strengths and weaknesses, then assign custom exercises to enhance recovery and performance. Injury Prevention for Athletes - Balance board training is proven to reduce injury rates in athletes, spend more time in your game by playing ours. 

I worked in collaboration with co-founders, game designers, and engineers to help commercialize this product. Responsibilities included: IP search and creation, product design, marketing, pitching, storyboarding, mood board, persona, competitor analysis.

See the current stage of the product and company at http://www.swibo.co.nz/



Edgar Rodriguez, Kah Chan, Ben Dunn, Ryan Geels, Sarah Hadfield, Lukas Stoecklein, Connor Broad, ,Zach Bird, Jordan Shand, Joshua Scott, Martin Chan.