2013  |  Birch Ply, Structural Pressed PET Felt



T-System was born through the concept of allowing the body to define its own ergonomics through natural, SUBconscious resting positions.

Through the advent of increasingly portable personal electronics/computing and their presence in everyday home life, a need to reconsider the relationship to a person’s body position is identified. We no longer need to be confined to the desk à la the traditional desktop computer configuration. 

Natural resting positions during sleep are recorded over time. A custom algorithm then identifies favoured positions, generating unique contoured surfaces and support systems.

T-System: a Fabrication/Assembly system developed as a platform for Mass-Customisable Furniture Products. Benefits of the system include configurable integrated components, flat-packing, tool-less assembly through the omission of traditional hardware.

A core philosophy of the system is to make the customisation process as unobtrusive as possible by removing the need for the user to make critical ergonomic design decisions.