2013  |  Digital Materials, Liquid, Sound



3D CAPTURES OF A 4D Occurrence. 

The waveFORM series is an experimental project that seeks to capture an ephemeral occurrence; allowing you to touch sound.

The goal of this project is to explore the potential for 3D form generation through the acoustic-response properties of a range of digitally-controlled composite materials. This was my response to a brief from Stratasys to create a collection showcasing characteristics of their 3D printed digital materials.

A pure tone was played through a speaker, upon which petri dishes 3d printed in different composites were mounted. Cymatic imaging techniques were used to capture the wave patterns of liquid within the dish. This photographic data was then used as a basis for generating 3D forms though a variety of CAD techniques. Only the flexibility of the dish changed for each example, resulting in the creation of different patterns and forms.