2015  |  Injection-Molded PP Composite, Anodized Aluminium, CNC machined SS Hardware



WorkTote was designed for shift staff to freely move from their locker to hotdesk workpoints whilst retaining their essential work tools nearby. 

Along with Oliver Bucher and Hamish Mcintosh at Aspect Furniture, I was responsible for creating a concept that satisfied an important client’s needs and also resulted in a scalable product for our company. We executed all concept sketching, executing 3d modeling, outsourcing of prototypes and early production parts.

Worktote was designed to connect with our existing range of furniture through smart integrated features and focusing on designing components to perform more than one function. It focused on reducing components and optimizing them for manufacturing methods (injection molding, laser-cutting and folding). During the prototype stage (pre-molding) we had over 7000 pre-orders for this product.


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